Other Interests

Sometimes, I stop reading, writing and listening to music to do other things. As some mention of these might creep into both the blog and the books, you should probably be forewarned.

  • Politics- everything from debating the high level, theoretical stuff, to arguing about the issues of the day and following the gossip of policies and politicians. I also get embroiled in party politics from time to time. I won’t tell you what party I am, but you might be able to guess.
  • History – It was my degree, but before and after that, it was also a genuine passion. I like history to be about people – give me a biography over a detailed account of a battle any day. I had to restrain myself to stop my books from ending up only readable by history graduates interested in the same periods as me, but they still slip in a few interesting facts. My favourite times are: Renaissance Italy, Georgian/Regency Britain and the Tudor and Stuart era (including the English Civil War of course).
  • Art – an unhealthy proportion of my history degree was based around art history. The sort of art I like broadly tallies with the sort of history I like – Renaissance stuff: Botticelli, Carlo Crivelli, and all the “Turtles.” Civil War stuff: Van Gogh. Georgian Stuff: Hogarth, Reynolds. I’m also always keen to expand my horizons, though try as I might (and I regularly drag myself round exhibitions at Tate Modern and the Saatchi Gallery), most really modern stuff leaves me cold, with the possible exception of Ged Quinn, who is awesome.
  • Cooking. Not much to say really. It combines an art form with a basic human requirement. 
  • Pilates – again, not so much to say. Makes my shoulders not ache, my stomach be attractively flat and me feel virtuous. Can’t say fairer than that!

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