Favourite Books

In many ways, what books I like isn’t that relevant, as with one notable exception, my series isn’t that much like any of those listed here. Nonetheless, I’ve always found that people’s choice in books is a surprisingly decent guide to whether or not I’m going to like them. If we share are least some tastes, maybe you should give my writing a go.

I love to read literary novels that don’t forget about plot and fantasy/paranormal novels that don’t forget about prose. My absolute favourite books are generally those that blur the boundaries between the two categories.

I also have a soft spot for teen fiction, despite being in my mid-twenties, though try not to over-indulge at the expense of other works.

My favourite ever fictional books (in no particular order) are probably:

*Cloud Atlas – David Mitchell

*A Song of Ice and Fire – George RR Martin

*All of LJ Smith’s old stuff – Vampire Diaries, Forbidden Game etc (partly through teen nostalgia, partly because it’s genuinely still brilliant, partly because they are my number one inspiration for my own series)

*The Blind Assassin – Margaret Atwood

*American Gods – Neil Gaiman

*Prep – Curtis Sittenfeld

*What a Carve Up – Jonathan Coe

*The Dark is Rising series – Susan Cooper

*Discworld Series – Terry Pratchett

At some point I intend to write a little explanation of just why I love each of these, and what, if any, inspiration they’ve had on my own writing.


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