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I’m hoping to get back into blogging a little more regularly this year, but just a quick one for now.

I’ve entered my as yet unpublished YA Fantasy novel, My Love is Vengeance, into Kindle Scout, in an attempt to gain a publishing contract with Amazon. Nominations are open for thirty days. I’d be so grateful if you could take a moment or two to check out my campaign page and give me a nomination. All you need is an Amazon account. If it’s selected and published, you’d then get the e-book for free.

Torn between forbidden love or brutal revenge

Once, Tara dreamed of being the power behind the throne. Now, she plots revenge on the charismatic young duke who killed her twin brother, while trying not to fall for his charms or give in to her dark side by destroying his innocent family. MY LOVE IS VENGEANCE combines the political scheming of RED QUEEN with the deadly romance of THE GRISHA and the dark, anti-heroine protagonist of THE YOUNG ELITES.

More info on My Love is Vengeance here.

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