Crime novels have never really been my thing, but Oxford-based novels obviously are, and this is a fascinating insight into how many authors have been inspired by the city.

Broad Conversation

I was fortunate enough to spend an afternoon recently at the annual conference of the International Association of Crime Writers, held in the peaceful setting of St Hilda’s College. The delegates pack include a piece on The Oxford Crime Novel written by Susan Moody, novelist, former Chair of the Crime Writers Association and born in this fair, murderous city of ours. She very kindly gave permission for the piece to be included here:

The Oxford Crime Novel

Susan Moody-webThis is necessarily merely a brief overlook at a wide subject, one in which I’m defining an Oxonian crime novel as one mainly set in Oxford, one written by an Oxford-dwelling author or one with an Oxford protagonist. Books, in other words in which, as someone wrote: “Oxford Blood is spilled with curiously exuberant passion and freedom.”

Some years ago, that brilliant Oxford crime novelist, Michael Innes, wrote “The senior members…

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