Since last Friday’s release of Screaming Spires my life has basically been my books, at a level of intensity I’ve never quite experienced before. It used to be that I could Google my name/the names of my books (don’t tell me you’ve never done it!) and know exactly what was going to appear. Suddenly, there are tons of hits, lots of which I don’t recognise and new reviews seem to be appearing every day.

Last week, I had three things going on in the world of The Cavaliers: the release of book two, a five day free giveaway of Oxford Blood at Amazon, and a blog tour with FMB Author Promotions.

The giveaway was great. I hit the top 10 in paranormal and the top 400 overall. Sales of Screaming Spires have also been pretty good. I’m not sure whether it’s old fans or people who’ve read their free copy of Oxford Blood and decided to buy the sequel, but I’ve already, by the 20th, sold more books than I have in any other month.

As for the blog tour, if you like my books at all, it might be worth a quick browse. This week, there’s been the following:


  • Mallory Heart Reviews:( “I love this series because Georgiana Derwent simply doesn’t settle for routine, two-dimensional characters, neither vampire or human. Sure, we get the sexy, sensually appealing vampires; we also get the “scaries.” But these individuals are just as fully fleshed out as are the humans, and reading these novels is like peeking in through a one-way window into the lives of our characters (both mortal and eternal).” 
  • Musings from an Addicted Reader: (  “I thought this was an intriguing series, loved the concept of the secret society within Oxford and the historical but current tone to the books.  Harriet is a fascinating character, she is faced with several hurdles and a relentless pursuit by the ultimate bad boy, but is he trustworthy or is Harriet part of a bigger game.   I look forward to the next in the series, I am certain it will be fantastic.”
  • A TiffyFit’s Reading Corner: ( REALLY got into this book fairly quickly and completely enjoyed it. Oxford, a magical place that I visited years ago and would love to go back, is the setting to this novel and I was so jealous of Harriet as she arrives: the excitement of being there, of her studies, of making it to Oxford, etc. Gorgeous, rich vampires with nary a bit of sparkles, that combination of lust, power, and bloodthirstiness, and yet they are still so refined in their traditions. I was instantly intrigued by the hot/cold of Tom and not quite sure what to make of it. I LOVED the explanation of the old boy network/establishment and how it is really a Cavaliers vampire thing. Fantastic!

Thanks so much to all these reviewers and I’d definitely recommend checking out their blogs.

Last but definitely not least on the review front, there was a great review at the Paranormal Romance Guild. This was the one I’d been waiting for with baited breath and it was a five star for Screaming Spires (up from the four stars that Oxford Blood got several months ago). I’m not going to quote from this one – if you’re interested, go and take a look.

Then there was the actual blog tour. It’s been fairly quiet this week (it starts ramping up next week). There’s a fun spotlight here (including some extracts )  but my highlight was definitely the vlog. You might have seen my outtakes video on here a few days ago Outtakes but the first of my successful version is hosted here:

This one involves me explaining what the series is about. The one where me and my finance do a dramatic reading of part of Oxford Blood will be up next week.

The other fun one next week is a character guest post, which I had lots of fun writing this morning – a bit of first person George, talking about his early life and some of the jobs he’s held through the centuries since becoming a vampire. As well as lots of showing off. I wasn’t sure where to even start with this (writing in first person, from a male perspective, for a character who’s usually only seen through other people’s eyes) but it ended up being one of the most enjoyable bits of writing  I’ve done in weeks and is definitely one for the George fans out there!

More sadly, having found out that I’d made the quarter-finals last month (5000 entries down to 100) I went out in the semi-finals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2013. I’m not too upset though. It was great to get as far as I did. Congrats to anyone reading this who has made the semis.

Stepping away from the books for a moment, I’ve had a great week more generally. On Thursday, I went to see King Charles play a gig. Long-term readers of this blog might remember the last time I wrote about him, when I’d just discovered his music. I really can’t recommend it enough and he’s even better live. It was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. His every song reminds me of the Cavaliers (it’s partly the name, partly the way he’s always singing about blood and lust and death) and if there was ever to be a film of the books he’d be my first choice for the soundtrack. My original blog post is here: King Charles

And finally, it was my fiance’s birthday yesterday. We had a great party at which many cocktails were consumed but more importantly, I made him a pigs in mud cake, which I’m painfully proud of:

pig cake


Phew, self-indulgence overload. But if you haven’t yet read Screaming Spires, you can get a copy here:

And if you’re interested in what’s happening with the tour next week, you can find the schedule here: