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As I mentioned the other day, I’m currently doing a blog tour to celebrate the release of Screaming Spires. One of the things I’ve been requested to do is to produce a video of me reading an extract from one of my books. After several takes, a move away from the window, and a large glass of gin, I now have a great, professional-looking video ready for the blog that’s going to be hosting this on April 22nd.

In the meantime however, I felt I had to share my first attempt, which is a bit of a train wreck, but which might hopefully make you smile.

This is taken from very early in Oxford Blood, when Harriet first meets Tom Flyte. Thanks to my fiancé for agreeing to read Tom’s lines, even if he does struggle to keep a straight face even more than I do (though as he insisted on staying off-screen, it’s not as brutally clear as my attempts not to laugh). Special features to look out for include:

*My valiant attempts to impersonate my own accent of eight years ago when reading Harriet’s lines

*Freddie’s dog trying to join in with the fun

*Freddie deciding we have reached the perfect place to stop and therefore slamming down the lid of my laptop.

In case you’ve forgotten, Oxford Blood is free at Amazon until April 15th and Screaming Spires is available now: