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If you’ve ever read Oxford Blood and wondered what an Oxford Union debate looks like, what a dining society is (when it doesn’t involve vampires) or just what sort of accent the Cavaliers speak in, watch the first half of this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01rlx9l/Boris_Johnson_The_Irresistible_Rise/

I don’t watch much TV, but tonight,  I watched this documentary in a giggly blur. There are certainly no politicians I like more than Boris Johnson. There are very few people I admire more, full stop.  If you’re interested in British politics, the whole thing is worth devouring. If not, you should still watch the first bit and revel in the wonderful poshness of it all. I think anyone would understand my novels a little more after this. 

Incidentally, when I was on the committee of the Union, I met Boris. I think our entire conversation consisted of him asking me where the bar was, but I still spent the next few days being too excited to do anything constructive.