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In my last post, I promised that this week I’d be writing about just what it is I love about vampire novels. Now normally, posting delays mean either writer’s block or a lack of time to write. In this case, it’s neither.

I sat down to write a short, fun piece, and suddenly, thoughts and ideas and connections began streaming out of me, and I found myself with a several thousand word essay, which still doesn’t quite say everything I want to say.

So rather than quickly putting up something that’s a)far to long, b)a bit of a stream of consciousness, and c) not quite finished, I’m going to polish it up over the weekend, and then either edit it down to sensible blog length, or more likely, because I think it would be quite fun, post a part of it each evening next week as a little series.

In the meantime, as treat, apology and procrastination, for those of you who like my series for it’s historical aspects, here’s a picture of a lovely Cavalier, James Stewart, Duke of Richmond and Lennox. For those of you who like the posh Oxford bits, here’s a young Boris Johnson all dressed up and holding champagne  Is it wrong of me to think that our beloved mayor was quite ridiculously hot in his early twenties?!

lord james boris