“Well I’ve got love in my blood,
And I’ve got you on my brain,
I haven’t got enough blood,
I cannot love you enough.”

The last time I wrote about a new favourite singer, it was Julia Johnson, and I explained that whilst I don’t tend to make enough effort to listen to new music, one good way to get me to give you a chance is to be related to my favourite politician. I’ve now discovered that a second way is to be named after my favourite British monarch. Having awe-inspiring hair also helps – yes, that’s a painting on his album cover, but watch one of his videos. He really looks like that.

As with Ms Johnson, I mainly listened out of curiosity (what’s not to like about a man who looks like he’s from the seventeenth century) but I carried on listening because the songs are really different from the norm, catchy and with some very interesting lyrics and themes. Most of the songs on the current album seem to be either about the difference between love and lust (made explicit on the song called Love Lust, but alluded to throughout) or about his unrequited love for various glamorous and in at least one case, aristocratic, women.

Style-wise, I suppose he’s sort of modern folk – he apparently toured with Mumford and Sons if that’s any help in giving you a rough idea of the genre. Don’t let that put you off though – I mainly like indie and rock and the idea of folk music makes me a bit nervous, but this is basically just like indie with an interesting edge. One thing I find interesting are the surprisingly dark lyrics, that I’d usually associate with full on emo type bands, but that here are accompanied by fabulously bouncy tunes. In the case of one song, Lady Percy, they are also accompanied by the sounds of cars revving and guns cocking, to fit the wonderful line of, “up in the highlands racing cars, building guns and breaking hearts.”

I don’t think King Charles meant his songs to be about either Cavaliers or vampires (or who knows, perhaps he did), but between his name, his hair and his lyrics, I am unable to listen to his songs without immediately daydreaming about the characters in Oxford Blood. I hear-by declare that is my official George song until further notice;

“Never let a woman go even when you know she can always be replaced.
She can always be replaced.
Oh, lust only grows like anger and revenge or beauty comes and goes but love stays until the end…
For the sun on my skin as the morning begins, id die in the dark just to feel your skin on my skin.”

As always, go and listen on Spotify. Or check out his website – http://kingcharles-music.com